Landscape photographs can be some of the most challenging images to post-process because of the wide dynamic ranges that are often present in these types of scenes. The varying brightness of different skies coupled with the darker foreground elements of landscapes often results in a digital image that is nowhere close to the actual scene. Fear not! With a few quick post-processing steps in Lightroom, we can easily bring back that same feeling and visual we experienced when first making the photograph.

In the following video tutorial, our friends from The Photo Frontier, Justin Balog and Armando Martinez demonstrate how a few quick and easy adjustments can restore detail, balance out dynamic range challenges, and how to create striking visuals from your landscape photographs.

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1 thoughts on “Lightroom Tutorial: How to quickly process landscape photographs

  1. Christine Merchent says:

    Great podcast, your brief description of the vibrance slider was a great reminder. The before and after was powerful.

    Your question about sunrise or sunset, is there a way to tell the difference?

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