Finding Your Vision

A Roadmap To Creative Composition

Finding Your Vision

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If you are one of the many photographers who are challenged by both composition and translating your vision into strong photographs with purpose, this is the perfect tool for you.

Largely considered one of the most influential photographers of the last century, Henri Cartier-Bresson said “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”. Unfortunately some photographers give up too soon, frustrated by results that don’t meet their expectations. Overnight success is a myth. Most anyone who has accomplished something worthwhile first paid their dues with splendid effort and persistence.

FINDING YOUR VISION: A Roadmap to Creative Composition is comprised of practical ideas and exercises to get you back on the road, camera by your side, ready to create the next 10,000 images. This 49-page eBook includes 51 inspiring and illustrative photographs, along with 12 exercises that will see dramatic visual improvements in how you approach composition.

Inside You’ll Get:

  • A Roadmap To Creative Composition. Chris Corradino approaches composition from a fresh perspective, inspiring readers to become more curious when creating photographs. You’ll learn how and when to question your camera settings, how to use white balance more effectively, working with both light and shadow, and all about composition techniques that define strong imagery. Additionally, Chris covers how to make better images at all hours of the day, and tips specific to all four seasons.
  • 12 Practice Assignments to rapidly improve your composition techniques. These are the same exercises that Chris teaches in his workshops. Each individual photo assignment will have an immediate and lasting improvement in how your make photographs.
  • Part of the NEW Rapid Photographic Learning Series. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, you won’t have to “find time” to read this. Micro-eBooks are designed to be consumed quickly, without all the fluff and erroneous material. You’ll be able to gain quick improvements with this thoughtfully crafted approach.
  • Delivered in PDF format for maximum compatibility with all your devices!

What is Rapid Photographic Learning?

The best time to improve your photography is now. Life is busy and intense, and we understand that can often make the photographic learning process even more challenging. We’ve designed this eBook to be easily consumed in one sitting over a nice cup of tea or coffee. Then, you can take the assignments with you and put them into practice – all while making a positive impact on your photography. Rapid Photographic Learning promises that you’ll see an immediate improvement in your photography after reading this eBook (provided you try at least one of the techniques of course).

About the Author

Chris Corradino is a licensed photography educator who’s greatest joy comes from teaching others how to control their camera and fulfill their creative vision. From the fragile beauty of a fleeting moment, to the destructive capabilities of man and nature, Chris treats the camera as a vessel of self-expression that has helped him learn more about himself as well as the world around him. In recognition of his teaching efforts, Smithsonian Journeys named him a Study Leader. His recent credits also include the Associated Press, USA Today, National Geographic Online, The New Yorker, and Wall Street Journal.


FINDING YOUR VISION: A Roadmap to Creative Composition is available at a special introductory price for just $4.99, or grab the Mind & Vision Bundle (includes FINDING YOUR VISION and MIND OVER MEGAPIXELS) for only $8.00 today!