Transform your photography into extraordinary works of art in seconds using the Artistry Actions collection. Rather than going through the hundreds of steps to create each these effects, these Artistry actions create and apply the entire effect in just one click. Let your creativity flourish and turn your photographs into something artistic, atmospheric, surreal, and deeply expressive. You’re going to love making the most beautiful works of digital art with your photographs!

This collection includes our ARTISTRY: Sketch and Paint Actions  compatible with Photoshop CS6 – CC (English versions only). You get our most popular effects, including: Our Illustration Action, Silverpoint Sketch, Watercolor, our popular SquickerArt Sketch, and Masterpiece Painter actions.

Welcome to the crown-jewel of our Photoshop sketch effects – PhotographyBB’s SquickerArt Artistry Action for Photoshop. SquickerArt was inspired by the incredible artwork from the slightly dark children’s book, The Squickerwonkers, by Evangeline Lilly from the TV show LOST. The artwork in the book appears on a beautiful grungy paper background with ink spots dripped randomly, along with this lovely green blotch that appears behind parts of the main sketches.

This action takes that inspiration and creates a fantastically strange sketch drawing that allows you to retain colour in selected areas of your image. You’re going to absolutely love transforming your photographs into these types of sketches. Everyone will ask how on Earth you were able to do this – and that can be your secret!


Incredible level of detailed effects!

Create Fantastical Sketches From Your Photos

Welcome to our brand new illustration action for Photoshop CC. This action is for those photographers who have always wanted to pursue other forms of art beyond photography, but have found a comfort zone being behind the camera, yet still have that yearning desire to create digital art. This action will allow you to compose that artistic masterpiece through your camera, then convert it to a beautiful illustration in one-click.

This effect works great on all types of photographs including portraits, landscapes, nature, urban, and is perfect for creating your own artistic greeting card images. Convert your result to black

Originally developed back in 2007 by PhotographyBB Editor-in-chief, Dave Seeram, this effect has now been updated for Photoshop CC to further improve the effect of this action. This effect has been one of our most popular actions for years, and this latest iteration is our best one yet. You’re going to have a lot of fun creating illustrations with your photography!


Choose from B&W or 10 different color options!

Create Whimsical Illustrations with your Photos

If you love turning your best photographs into striking works of digital art, you’re going to love this artistic conversion Photoshop action. Our Watercolor artwork in particular is one that we have continually refined over the years. There are so many watercolor effects out there, and we were really striving to achieve something unique and realistic with our vision for a digital watercolor conversion.

This action includes two versions: one to transform your entire photograph into a stunning work of art in just one click, and the other allows you to choose a selected area of your photograph to become painted, leaving the remaining areas to fade out to a gorgeous (and customizable) paper background.


Choose from different textures and unlimited paper color options!

Turn precious moments into timeless fine-art canvas prints for your home.

Transform Your Photos Into Watercolors

If you’ve been looking for a unique and realistic pencil sketch conversion effect for your photographs, you’re going to love our Silverpoint Sketch Photoshop action. Silverpoint is an ancient method of drawing, signature to many of the artistic masters throughout history. The effect is similar to a pencil sketch, but evolved throughout the ages to also include a unique element of a white pencil or chalk-like sketch area on top of a parchment style paper. We think you’re going to have a lot of fun with this one!

This set contains 3 versions of the action, those being: Silverpoint for high-res images with all silverpoint details, Silverpoint for high-res images with minimal details (runs faster), and Silverpoint for low-res images (includes all silverpoint details).

While these actions are designed to be fully automated, our video tutorial also demonstrates how every single element of this effect from the paper background to each individual sketch line can be optionally adjusted and customized to your liking!


Immortalize Your Photographs With Silverpoint

If you love to create digitally painted works from your photographs, then you’re going to love the effect of our Masterpiece action. This action creates a beautiful, dry-brush painting effect, along with an additional wet paint-blotch element that blends seamlessly to create a truly stunning work of art from your photographs.

While these actions are designed to be fully automated, our video tutorial also demonstrates how every single element of this effect from the paper background to each individual painting effect can be optionally adjusted and customized to your liking!


Change the background paper to any color!

Make Your Impression with Masterpiece

Artistry Actions - Video Demonstrations


PhotographyBB Artistry Actions are only compatible with Photoshop CS6 through CC (up to current).

English language versions of Photoshop only. Due to the way that actions work with Photoshop commands, this collection is only compatible with English-language versions of Photoshop.

This action collection does not include Adobe Photoshop.

Image Requirements

We have designed the Artistry Actions to work with high-res images, either RAW files or JPEG files, shot with a DSLR camera. Additionally, some of our actions include a version optimized for lower-res images shot with a smartphone or compact camera. The resulting artwork will render differently when running any Photoshop action on high-res images vs. low-res images.

The ideal image size for optimal results is between 3000-6000 pixels on the long edge of the photo.

And as always, something we are very proud – our actions are entirely non-destructive to your image files. Every one of our actions begins by creating a duplicate file, leaving your original image files completely untouched.

Your Download Includes

The PhotographyBB Artistry Actions Collection for Photoshop include the following files in .ZIP format:

  • Artistry Actions Installation Guide (PDF Format)
  • The SquickerArt Action
  • Our popular one-click “Dave Seeram” Illustration Action
  • Watercolor Action
  • Silverpoint Sketch Action
  • Masterpiece Action

What other artists are saying

Artistry Photoshop Actions from PhotographyBB are so much fun! I do feel as though my inner painter (which is locked in a photographer body) now has much greater expression. Thank you!

~ Linda Ekstrum ~

I purchased all of the actions and have played with each one.  They are really fantastic!  Thank you so much for creating them and, thank you too, for your awesome customer support!

~ Jill Maciulla ~

I absolutely love these Artistry actions! They add so much to my work and are taking me in a new direction which was completely unexpected – but very exciting!

~ Debbie Vinci ~

Give your art a new dimension with Artistry!


The Complete Artistry1 – Sketch & Paint Collection: $100.00 USD


Did you know?

At PhotographyBB, we donate 10% of our earnings on every sale. Your purchase of these Artistry Actions will go to help the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (Childhood Cancer Research Program). Help give our littlest ones their very best chance at life.