Mind Over Megapixels

If you bought or received any new photography gear this Holiday Season, this is for you. Whether you’re a true beginner with a pocket sized camera, or a seasoned professional with years of experience, the 14 Secrets of Great Photography were designed to power you to the next level. Despite what the manufacturers want you to believe, creativity can’t be withdrawn from an ATM machine. Strip away all of the marketing hype, instant rebates, and sales pitch propaganda, and you are left with a light gathering box. To create compelling art, we must train our mind, not the machine.


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Included in the Mind Over Megapixels eBook:

  • The 14 Secrets of Great Photography. These aren’t your usual tips on compositional “rules” or camera settings. You won’t find technical details on setting the custom white balance or determining the proper flash ratios. That type of widely published content is available all over the web. The ideas presented here are proven methods to go beyond the camera to the inner game of great photography.
  • 11 of the most transformative photography assignments that Chris teaches in his workshops. Every single one of these will have an immediate and lasting improvement in how your make photographs.
  • Part of the NEW Rapid Photographic Learning Series. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, you won’t have to “find time” to read this. Micro-eBooks are designed to be consumed quickly, without all the fluff and erroneous material.
  • Delivered in PDF format for maximum compatibility with all your devices!



BUY NOW! Only $3.99

What is Rapid Photographic Learning?

This eBook is part of something we call, the Rapid Photographic Learning Series. We’re all pressed for time and even motivation these days, and that’s what this series is here for. We’ve designed this eBook to be easily consumed in one afternoon over a nice cup of tea or coffee. Rapid Photographic Learning promises that you’ll see an improvement in your photography immediately after reading this eBook (provided you try at least one of the techniques of course).

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