Digital Photography for Beginners

Digital Photography for Beginners

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Photography is a journey of artistic expression combined with technical skill, and the first step in capturing powerful photographs is understanding how to translate our creative vision through a DSLR.

Digital Photography for Beginners: Understanding Exposure, Light, Composition, and Your DSLR is a roadmap for new photographers who want to make the most of a DSLR camera. Author, Kat Sloma, provides a solid understanding of DLSR camera functions to give beginners the necessary tools to develop a stronger creative ability to make photographs that speak to the heart.

This eBook is a guide to the technical skills of photography, thoughtfully written in a non-technical format. Readers will learn how to use a DSLR to control exposure, light, and composition. This easy-to-follow guide also includes several enjoyable exercises to help bring your camera skills to the next level.

Digital Photography for Beginners is an inspiring 73-page eBook, specifically written for new photographers learning how to make the most of their DSLR. This eBook includes 9 helpful exercises to help photographers understand the material in practice, and 5 supplemental lessons on Composition and Focus in Kat Sloma’s Exploring With a Camera Series. This eBook is delivered in PDF format for maximum compatibility on all your digital devices.

You’ll Learn:

  • How your DSLR interprets light and how to best capture what your camera “sees”
  • How to get the ideal exposure when photographing any scene
  • Composition and Focus: The “rules” and how these two factors work together
  • Camera controls and what they do: Aperture and Shutter Speed
  • Editing Beyond the Basics
  • Also included: 5 supplemental lessons on Composition and Focus in Kat Sloma’s Exploring With a Camera Series


About the Author

Kat Sloma is a fine art photographer who believes everyone has a unique vision of the world to share through their art. Dedicated to providing resources to help photographers find their personal creative vision, Kat writes, teaches, and speaks about various aspects of photography. She has taught and exhibited her work both in the US and internationally. Kat honed her photography and writing skills during a two-year assignment living in Italy and traveling Europe, where she created many of the example photographs in this book. She currently resides in Corvallis, Oregon with her husband and son. To see more of Kat’s work, visit