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What makes a photographer good at their craft? Is it their technical mastery of their digital gear, or magical post processing abilities? Becoming a better photographer is something we all strive to be, all of the time. It’s a craft we pursue as a creative outlet of expression, a passion if you will. You may have seen in our “Cool Sites” section, a recommendation to check out David duChemin’s PixelatedImage Blog. Not only is he one talented photographer, he’s become a mentor to all of us, helping us improve as photographers. David shows us through his blog, that while the craft of photography is good, Vision is Better. With that thought, a brand new ebook was born appropriately titled, Vision is Better.

This new ebook is a collection of essays (and rants) straight from the PixelatedImage Blog, exquisitely reworked into one stunning ebook. While all of the essays and articles could certainly be viewed (for free) off David’s blog, the ebook version is so well put together (not to mention saving time/effort) that it’s well worth purchasing none the less. The photography is stunning; the lessons invaluable. Here’s a quick overview of Vision is Better:

Over the past 5 years David duChemin has been writing about the photographic life on the Pixelated Image blog. Vision Is Better is a compilation of the 50 most popular articles covering a range of topics, all of which share one common theme – the photographic life and craft. Becoming a better photographer is not only a matter of learning which buttons to press and in which direction to point your camera. It’s a matter of knowing why to do those things, where to look for inspiration, how to handle the distractions, and how to avoid getting sucked in by the lesser concerns. 100% Pixelated Image Blog. If you like David’s writing and want more of it, in a great-looking offline format, this is a killer deal. Vision Is Better is a 116 page downloadable PDF ebook USD$5.00

If that hasn’t wet your appetite enough, David is also offering a promotional discount in celebration of the ebook’s launch. For the first six days only, if buyers use the promotional code VISION4 when they checkout, they can have Vision is Better for only $4 OR you can use the code VISION20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more books from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST MAY 4, 2010.

Visit the Craft and Vision online bookstore for this title and other invaluable ebooks for your digital library.

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