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This week, I’d like to do something a little bit different. We’re going to be looking at some of my favourite photography blogs which I do my best to visit daily. Hopefully the blogs I show you over the next few days will inspire you to add them to your bookmarks, daily visits, and/or RSS feeds.

garethThe first in this series is “The Way I See It” over at The Celtic Camera, operated by one of our PhotographyBB Magazine contributing authors – Gareth Glynn Ash. Gareth is a talented professional photographer with a specialty in concert photography, and has shot several photos for various bands including CD cover shots for The Sandcarvers. Gareth also enjoys shooting panoramics, HDRs, some brilliant still life photos and a whole lot more.

What makes The Way I See It one of my favourite blogs is that it’s one of those great daily blogs to visit. I’m presented with a stunning daily photo to check out along with the camera settings which were used to take the photo (an invaluable way of  helping all of us to grow as photographers). Each photo is suitably and creatively named (which is an important and often overlooked consideration as a photographer), and comes with a short and simple explanation of the shot which I find always adds value to the image.

Another reason why I visit this blog daily is not only for the photo and learning experience. Art comes in many forms, and Gareth always compliments each daily photo with a “Listening To” status update, linking you to a different music track daily too. Usually I’m not one to click on these updates, but thankfully I did on this blog and as a result, I do so more frequently now thanks to the wonderful selections Gareth provides. If you’re one of the many busy folks out there who don’t have a whole lot of time on their hands to read daily blogs, I highly recommend you to add this one to your feeds. The Way I See It is a positive force, and the perfect blog to wake up to.

You can learn more about Gareth Glynn Ash and his website here, along with the professional services he provides. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Gareth here.

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