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Diino makes it easy to upload and share photos, and even create your own blog

Allowing users to backup and store their photos, music, videos, and documents online, Diino offers a truly unique service. Even with the free service of 2GB storage space, users can upload photos and files, and share them with other users on the web. Diino allows you to access and manage your files anytime, anywhere.

Getting set up is a snap, and minimal information was required for the free 2GB account. Simply download the Diino file manager software, and you’re up and running in minutes. You can also create your own blog, share photos, set file folder permissions, and even update your files and blog from your cell phone! Imaging being on vacation and snapping a photo with your camera phone, and instantly adding it to your webspace for your family and friends to view!

Here’s a look at the Diino software, which allows you to create and edit file folders, and upload your files by dragging and dropping them into folders. Notice the WebDrop option; This option allows you to create folders to which users who are accessing the folder can even upload files to, with a password (set by you) of course. You can even schedule backups of your files if you wish to do so. Here’s a look at the blog editor:
Creating a blog is quick and easy with Diino. You’ll be able to write blog entries, add files and photos, and share your news with the world. Diino gives you free webspace for your blog, and an easy to remember URL for your files and blog. Here’s a look at a blog which we set up. In total, it took us only 6 minutes to set up the blog, create the 2 entries, and add the 2 photos. Talk about easy! View our Diino blog here:

When checking out our Diino blog, click on the icon off to the upper left called “Files” and you’ll be able to see the images which we’ve uploaded into folders, and made public for anyone to view. You can change the view from a list to “thumbnial” view simply by clicking on the “Thumbnails” option shown above the folder list. As we also mentioned, it’s possible to set up folders to which users may even upload images to. Create a password for your users, and they will be able to upload files to your Diino space to share with you! Here’s a look at the upload screen:

All the images shown here were hosted using our free Diino space. Give Diino a try today!

Store your photos secure, online. 2 GB free!


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