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Due to the overwhelming positive responses I’ve been receiving, along with the many requests for an extension on this contest, we’ve decided to run this contest for one additional month. At PhotographyBB, we firmly believe in a life long learning process, hence the decision to extend this contest! If you are not familiar with the contest yet, here’s how it goes:

Beginners are free to ask any photography or image processing related questions they have on their mind, and our more experienced members (“experts”) are free to add their responses to the questions. At the end of the new deadline (April 5th, 2010), we’ll be picking one beginner question, and one “expert” answer to receive a prize pack each! Here are the details and rules one more time:

Beginners: Ask Your Questions!
We want all of the great folks who are just getting started with photography, digital SLR cameras, and image processing to put on your thinking caps and ask any question you may have burning inside you. There are 3 categories for you to post your questions in, and they MUST follow a specific format (see the brief “Rules” section for details).

The categories are:

Beginner’s Rules:

  1. All questions must be submitted in the CORRECT category in the PhotographyBB Forums. If you are not yet a forum member, registration is extremely fast and free. Any questions submitted into the wrong category will be eliminated.
  2. When posting a question, the SUBJECT line of your posting must be related to your question. For example, we will not accept subject lines that read, “I need help!”. An example of an appropriate subject line would be, “What is Manual Mode?” If your question is a long one (which is great) please title the subject line appropriately so the “experts” can have some idea what the posted question will be regarding.
  3. Maximum of 5 questions per person.
  4. Contest period runs from Feb 5th to March 5th, 2010.

Experts: Share Your Knowledge!
To all of our more experienced members and those of you who enjoy sharing knowledge and helping others, we haven’t forgotten you! We want you to post your answers to the beginners’ questions, and since we want to encourage your participation you may answer as many questions as you can. There are some rules for our expert submissions too, namely:

  1. You may answer as many questions as you would like to, however, the most thorough and easy to understand responses will be most likely to win our “experts” prize package.
  2. If a response to a question has already been posted, you are still free to add to the reply. Once we feel that the question has been answered appropriately and thoroughly, the thread will be locked.

That’s really all there is to it folks! Once again, we will have 2 prize packages, one for the beginners and one for the experts. The winner of the beginners contest will receive Scott Kelby’s “The Digital Photography Book” volumes 1 through 3. The winner of the experts contest will receive a copy of “VisionMongers” by David duChemin. Both groups will also receive our entire collection of Premium Photoshop Actions. There will be some additional prizes to be added, which we will reveal shortly! Check out the categories, have fun asking and answering questions, and in the process we’ll be helping the whole photography community!

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