Photographers Want Better View of Olympic Cauldron

The Olympics are on in full swing here in Vancouver, and so is the tight security which was promised before the games even arrived. Shown above here is just about the only shot that any amateur (or non-media) photographer can get for the time being. This shot was taken about an hour after the cauldron was lit by the Great One himself, Wayne Gretzky.

The Olympic Cauldron is surrounded by the most hideous barricade, with only a few meters of chain link fence allowing photographers and visitors to get a glance, or if lucky, press their lens through the tiny holes in the fence for a view of the cauldron. Because of this, a group of photographers are requesting more visible access to this important symbol of the games, which it appears the IOC may take into consideration. As it stands, families cannot take any decent photos of themselves standing in front of the cauldron, so hopefully this will change before the games are out.

As for now, here is my shot of the cauldron. Sure to be one of many of the thousands shot from the exact same location, but I’m proud of it, proud to be here, and enjoying myself to the fullest!

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