New Photo Assignment: Looks Like Letters

findtheAIf you take a moment to look around, and look closely, you will find there are objects all around you resembling letters of the alphabet. The purpose of our assignment this time around is to get our members to think creatively. Your task is photograph: Things That Look Like Letters

Can you see the “A” in this photo? Everywhere around us there are different objects all around us who’s shapes look like a letter of the alphabet. Your job is to “see differently” and look for objects that look like a letter, then take your best photo of it! For example, a verticle pole may look like the letter “i”, or a ring may represent the letter “o”.

Entries are to be posted here in our forums. Remember, you may submit up to 3 images per assignment/challenge, and the top 3 photos entries will be published in the PhotographyBB Magazine. This assignment runs from now through to August 5th, 2009. Remember, practice makes perfect so have fun with this one. I have a feeling you are all going to be surprised at just how many letter shaped objects there are around you. Happy Photographing!

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