Gallery of the Week: Emmanuel Panagiotakis HDR Photo

If you enjoy HDR Photography (or good photography in general) then you’ll want to check out Emmanuel Panagiotakis’s online gallery. Emmanuel is a wizard at creating the illustrative quality HDR photos, using software such as Photomatix and Photoshop®.

For those users that are new to the term “HDR” (which stands for: High Dynamic Range), it’s a photographic technique in which multiple images of different exposures (of the same scene) are taken, and combined into one single image; lending a higher dynamic range than just one single photo of the scene. High Dynamic Range images can give a more accurate photographic representation of the scene as it appeared in “real life.” Conversely, HDR images can also be processed in such a way that they begin to look like surreal illustrations, a look that is becoming quite popular in the digital image editing world. Continue reading to see more examples from Emmanuel’s gallery.


Emmanuel typically shoots between 3-5 images anywhere from 1/3rd to 1 whole eV steps apart, in RAW format and combines the images in Photomatix. Additionally, he’s perfected his post processing skills in Photoshop, where he adds some dodging and burning, along with some finishing touches. I had a look through his gallery, and while the HDR images are very impressive, what was also striking was his photography itself. There’s a great collection of images, and the gallery is nice and easy to navigate.

Emmanuel admits that his HDR images are on the extreme side, and that it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea.” For myself, I truly enjoy the “extreme HDR’s” and find them to be a great example of how photography can become art.



Visit Emmanuel Panagiotakis’s Web Gallery for more examples of his HDR Photography.

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  1. Garry

    I find his HDR to be fantastic however, when I went to his Website, I found the presentation of his photos to be rather small and awkward.

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