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jason_andersonNext up in my photo-blog favs series is from a good friend and magazine contributor, Jason Anderson. Canon Blogger has quickly grown into one of the best resources for the new (and existing) photographer. Why do I say that? That’s because Jason has put together a fantastic podcast entitled, “Learning Digital Photography” via Personal Life Media. Before I get into details, there’s something I should mention quickly. Although Jason shoots with Canon and the blog is called Canon Blogger, this site is not exclusive to Canon enthusiasts. In fact, I can’t remember a post that was directed specifically to a Canon shooter, that any other photographer wouldn’t benefit from. In addition, although the podcast is called “Learning Digital Photography,” this site caters to a much broader audience than just beginner photographers.

Jason writes primarily for our column in the PhotographyBB Online Magazine entitled “Photographic Food for Thought,” because it’s just that – photographic considerations and issues concerning photographers on a multitude of levels. Take for instance, file management and backup strategy, how to create more compelling photos, the perils and pitfalls of photo contests, and much more; Jason writes with intelligence on the issues that concern all of us. The podcast is just another excellent way of staying in tune with the photography industry, some great interviews, product reviews, tips, and much more. Listen to it on your iPod/iPhone, in the car, while you work… any way you do it, you’ll find the experience enriching.

Canon Blogger also features several challenges and contests with some great giveaways through their Flickr site too. What better way to participate whether you are a beginner or pro, than to get involved with your peers and join in the fun. Shooting to a theme is one of the best ways a photographer can push their boundaries and actually improve, so I highly recommend checking out some of the contests that Jason runs.

Check out the Learning Digital Photography Podcast and add Canon Blogger to your daily blog visits / RSS feeds and you’ll be guaranteed to grow as a photographer, regardless of what level you are currently at. You can also connect with Jason via the following links:
Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Jason’s Photo Gallery

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  1. Many thanks for the flattering write-up Dave – it’s been a pleasure to participate with the magazine over the past year. Here’s to a happy 2010 and many more returns for future articles and issues! 🙂

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