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attentionHello PhotographyBB’ers! I would like to quickly address something which may not have been clear with the current photo assignment entitled: A Thousand Words, A Single Frame.

It has been brought to my attention that some of the entries into our current Photography Assignment/Challenge (1000 Words, A Single Frame), do not qualify for the assignment, due to the images having been shot outside the assignment time frame. This may not have been 100% clear, although the assignment timeframe window was meant to imply that photo submissions must be shot during that time. So, just to clear things up: ALL entries to the assignment/contest must have been photographed DURING the assignment window (Jan 4th to Jan 31st, 2010). Remember, the purpose of these assignments is to get our members to go out and shoot with the theme in mind, rather than combing through old photos for a suitable entry. Plus we’ve got a really cool prize for the winner this time around, and we want to make sure that everyone qualifies for it.

That all being said, I will happily accept additional entries from those of you who submitted older photos, but please delete your previous entries yourselves (you can delete your post by clicking on the little “x” at the top right of your post within the forum thread. That will be a huge help to the moderation team, and will prevent any possibility of your photo being disqualified from entry. I appreciate everyone’s help in keeping this contest both fun and fair! There’s still plenty of time to enter shots, and thank you to all of you who are (or plan on) participating. Have fun and happy photographing!

Check out some of the fantastic entries so far here.

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  1. Oops,
    Guilty as charged, checked mine and realised it was taken in December, not January. Sorry about that. Have replaced the original image with a different (qualifying) one, but hopefully will have something better to replace it with before the closing date.

    This is a monster assignment – Never seen so many entries before !!

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