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Portraits of Earth: An Introduction to Landscape Photography

What do you get when you mix inspiration with education? You get PORTRAITS OF EARTH: An Introduction to Landscape Photography (by David duChemin). In David’s words, “A photograph of a great landscape is not the same thing as a great photograph of a landscape.”

Making beautiful landscape photos actually comes down to 3 simple things: Land (duh!), Light, and Lines. You will learn how to master these 3 elements of beautiful landscape photography, but the first lesson (and one of the most important): Use the gear that you have. From an iPhone to a full-frame DSLR, David shows you how to make great landscape photos with the gear that you already use.

This IS the eBook I’ve been waiting for!

In PORTRAITS OF EARTH, David shares just about everything he has learned about making beautiful landscape photos in a thoughtful, inspirational tone that will literally have you making better images mere moments after reading. So many professional photographers guard their shooting and processing “secrets” closely, but this is not the case here. David shares everything candidly in an encouraging manner that (for me) felt more like being mentored. And at 90 page spreads, this is one MASSIVE eBook (by comparison, David’s first best-selling eBook was only 15 page spreads). Additionally, every beautiful photograph in this eBook comes complete with EXIF data.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this eBook:

  • Behind the Shot sections on maximizing sharpness, exposure blending, and more
  • Gear: The roles that optics, a tripod, and filters will play on your photos
  • Tips and Tricks for Land, Water, Snow, and Fog photography
  • Comforting and easy-to-implement insights into using filters
  • Exposure and colour-temperature blending

But of course, there’s a discount!

Whether you are learning photography as a beginner, a hobbyist, or you are a professional, there’s no better investment in the continued growth of your photography for $5, although today thru September 9th, 2012, you get it for only $4 with the discount code: EARTH4 or us the code EARTH20 to get 20% off if you are purchasing any 5 or more eBooks (codes expires at 11:59pm PST September 9th, 2012).

PORTRAITS OF EARTH: An Introduction to Landscape Photography by David duChemin
View Additional Page Samples

The downloadable PDF is just $5USD. (or only $4 today if you use the discount code: EARTH4)

You can view some page samples or download the ebook here: PORTRAITS OF EARTH: An Introduction to Landscape Photography by David duChemin

Happy Photographing folks!

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