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PhotographyBB Magazine Issue 50May 1st, 2012 – VANCOUVER, CANADA: PhotographyBB announced today, the release of the 51st edition of the downloadable (PDF) PhotographyBB Magazine. PhotographyBB Magazine provides a diverse range of photographic education for beginner to intermediate level photographers. With over 120,000 downloaded editions each month, PhotographyBB Magazine has become a leading resource in the future of free information distribution. The publication offers readers: Digital Photography tips and techniques, explorations on developing creativity, issues surrounding the photo community, social media for photographers, entrepreneurial advice for emerging professionals, and image post processing tutorials in Adobe® Photoshop, and RAW processing in Photoshop Lightroom.


PhotographyBB Magazine is available for free download:

This 51st edition explores techniques for photographing light orbs and fire streaks. Additionally, readers will learn how to take great automobile photos and how to capture the true essence of a subject. There’s even tax planning tips for working photographers, along with Photoshop tutorials and more.

Editor in Chief, Dave Seeram had these comments regarding this recent release:

Yes, it’s true. This month (and last) we’ve been getting our hands dirty with subject matter that typically isn’t something you would find in a photography magazine, yet it all relates directly to photographers. Creativity is something that can be developed, and we believe that through education, experience, and exposure to new ideas, that we can help inspire photographers to bring out their full creative potential. It’s not just about learning photographic techniques. It’s about finding our inner drive.

PhotographyBB Magazine is available for free download through the PhotographyBB Website at:

PhotographyBB was founded in Oct, 2006, and is a division of PowerButton Central (2004).
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