Inspired Eye 3 by David duChemin

“The word IMAGINATION has at its root, the word ‘image’.” This quote from David duChemin’s newest eBook, Inspired Eye 3: Notes on Creativity for Photographers nicely demonstrates the idea behind this eBook and the Inspired Eye series. Our ability to create, to be creative, and to be inspired all stems from the strengths found in our imaginations. Really, learning the technical aspects of photography, composition rules, and camera functions, is a walk in the park which any level of photographer can master with just a bit of practice. Learning how to create, on the other hand, is a far more refined skill with the potential for unlimited growth.

Here’s what I love about this eBook:

David has already demonstrated his proficiency for creating great photographs, writing with a natural style, and his ability to educate while inspiring. With this book (and this series), I’ve found that even with everything that I’ve personally learned from David, he still has the ability to take us to new, deeper levels.

There are many lessons to be learned in this eBook, far beyond the technical. This of this one as a manual for the imagination. Yes, I do realize how corny that sounds, but it’s actually the one thing we tend to act upon as if we’re meant to suppress rather than practice.

Another topic which I found to be of great interest in this eBook is David’s thoughts on imitation of others’ works, and how it can both nurture and hinder our own creative efforts. I think a great many of us tend to struggle with finding and defining our own style, and I found the section entitled, “Imitate, then Move On” to be particularly eye-opening.

Lastly, while this eBook is filled with brilliant images and inspired reading, I thoroughly enjoyed the many inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout the book. Different, and pretty cool stuff.

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You can view some page samples or download the ebook here: Inspired Eye 3

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Happy Photographing folks!

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