Getting Started with Timelapse Photography (Video & eBook)

Imagine, for a moment, if you could travel through time… More precisely, think about traveling forwards through time, to watch something that has happened in the past. You can, and it’s something that is easily achievable through the magic of time-lapse photography.

Time-lapse photography allows us to watch long events in a matter of moments, or seconds even. Imagine watching a spider build a web in just a few minutes. Or the sky turning from day to night while the stars reveal themselves, only to quickly fade back into dawn as the sun rises. Or perhaps an icicle forming, or a flower blooming – within seconds. Time-lapse makes it possible to witness events such as these without having to actually experience them real-time. It gives us a deeper look into the beauty of the world around us, and it’s something that we can all create. This video demonstrates some of the stunning time-lapse sequences that you’ll be able to make:

TIMELAPSE: An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion by Dave Delnea is an exciting new eBook that teaches us how to shoot and process the most stunning time-lapse sequences. Dave takes us through the gear from our cameras and lenses to filters and tripods, intervalometers, tethering (to a computer), and all of the settings you need to put it all together. Dave also covers the processing steps in Lightroom so that you can output gorgeous time-lapse sequences yourself.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this eBook:

  • How to use your gear to produce time-lapse sequences
  • Tethering your camera to your computer
  • Processing techniques in Lightroom
  • How to eliminate flicker and output brilliant sequences

But of course, there’s a discount!

Whether you are learning photography as a beginner, a hobbyist, or you are a professional, there’s no better investment in the continued growth of your photography for $5, although today thru March 22nd, 2013, you get it for only $4 with the discount code: TIME4 or us the code TIME20 to get 20% off if you are purchasing any 5 or more eBooks (codes expires at 11:59pm PST March 22nd, 2013).

Timelapse: An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion
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The downloadable PDF is just $5USD. (or only $4 today if you use the discount code: TIME4)

You can view some page samples or download the ebook here:
TIMELAPSE: An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion by Dave Delnea.

Happy Photographing folks!

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