Photoshop Turns 20

On the eve of the 20th anniversary since the launch of our favourite image editing software, the birthday celebrations are in full swing for our beloved Photoshop! Here’s a cool little look back at some of the thoughts of the original architects of the software, in a clip of a video which Photoshop TV will air tomorrow night. Just imaging if these guys hadn’t gone forward with their plans… where would we be today?

This event will be broadcast via the web and the video will be available in it’s entirety here:

livestreamAlso, you won’t want to miss NAPP’s (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) Photoshop party being held tonight at 7:30PM PST where you will see all of the Photoshop gurus like Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Dave Cross, and some special surprise guests. The party will also include a look at some cool stuff that nobody has seen yet, and we’re all invited! NAPP is streaming the event live through this site here:

It’s sure to be quite the party, so join in the fun. If you are a “Tweeter” then you can participate by adding the hashtag #PS20 to your Tweets, or follow the Photoshop Fan page on Facebook for some additional social networking celebrations. Today and tomorrow, PhotographyBB will be having a 20% off all our Photoshop Actions in celebration of this great achievement in software design and longevity (for 20% off, use discount code ATN20 in shopping cart). Congratulations Photoshop!

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