Photoshop Shortcuts: Resizing and Default Colors

Here are this week’s quick keyboard shortcuts that are especially useful and time saving when using Photoshop:

Increasing/Decreasing Text Size: When using text (make sure your text is selected), you can quickly increase or decrease the text size by using the keyboard shortcut: Command-Shift-< (Mac), or Control-Shift-< (PC) to decrease the text size by one point, or Command-Shift-> (Control-Shift-> on PC) to increase the text size by one point.

Increasing/Decreasing Brush Size: Whether you are painting with a brush, dodging/burning, or painting on a mask, it’s useful to be able to resize the brush immediately with a keyboard shortcut, rather than going to the brush options and dragging the scrubber each time to resize. To increase the brush size by 1 increment, click on the “]” (right bracket) key, and to decrease, click on the “[” (left bracket key).

Default Foreground/Background Colors: Additionally, and especially if you are working with layer masks, here are two other quick shortcuts: To reset your default foreground/background swatches to default press “d”. Also, to exchange between the foreground and background colors when painting, press “x”.

Learning and mastering keyboard shortcuts is one of the best ways to improve your efficiency in your digital workflow. Stay tuned for more keyboard shortcut tips and tricks!

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