Photoshop Help On Demand Takes Off

pshod.jpg PhotographyBB’s “Photoshop Help On Demand” has now been in service for 3 weeks, and we’re getting lots of great help requests, and help from members. We’ve even started to see some help requests from Elements users, which is great also. If you have any projects or questions (Photoshop or Elements related) that you need assistance with, ask one of our expert members and you’ll be sure to get your answer quickly.

To post your request for Help On Demand, simply register as a user in our forums (free of course) and post your question. Ask for help with things like:

  • Photoshop and Elements Help (problems, or troubleshooting)
  • Photoshop techniques or tutorial requests
  • How to achieve a certain look or feel with your photos
  • or anything Photoshop related, which you need a hand with!

Check out PhotographyBB’s Photoshop HOD today!

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