Photoshop Action: Dave’s Vignetting Action

Sample Image for Photoshop Vignetting Action PackThere is a new Photoshop action available in the PhotographyBB Actions Downloads Page. The new action is entitled “Vignetting Action Pack,” which will assist you in adding either a dark vignette or a light vignette around your image. A vignette is actually a type of lens distortion, however, many photographers find this favourable and actually try to duplicate the effects in Photoshop. Why would they do this? The reason is that a vignette tends to draw your eye more towards the subject in your photo, making them stand out from the background. This action also includes a very powerful black and white coversion technique, to give your photos a nice crisp black and white look before adding either the dark or light vignette.

Visit the PhotographyBB Actions Download Page and get the free Vignetting Action Pack today!

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