Digital Pumpkin-Carving: Free Photoshop Action

It’s almost Halloween and time to carve those pumpkins. I love pumpkin-carving; have since I was a kid. This year I wanted to avoid the mess of pumpkin-guts and come up with something fun for grown-ups – digital pumpkin carving in Photoshop!

The process is extremely simple. First, download the free Photoshop action here. Give yourself a good excuse to visit your local pumpkin patch to take some photographs of pumpkins (or grab one from the web). Fire up Photoshop, and let the fun begin.

Load your pumpkin photograph in Photoshop, and start the action. When prompted, draw your pumpkin face using a black brush, or you could create a selection to be “carved” and fill the selection with black (Shift-Delete > Fill with Black). You could even get really creative and use a thick, black font for your carving! This allows you to either hand-draw your pumpkin face, or get extremely complex with black-filled selections.

Photoshop Pumpkin Carving Action Halloween

Continue running the action and watch Photoshop work its magic to finish off the digital carving and add a beautiful candle-glow inside your digital pumpkin.

Once the action has completed, you can double-click the Gradient-Overlay filter in the layers palette, and reposition the glow as necessary by click-dragging around your screen when the dialog box pops up.

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