3 Free Photoshop Christmas Card Templates

PBB_Xmas_1Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding some free Photoshop Christmas card templates which you can use to create your own Christmas cards. The files are in .PSD format and have some minor adjustable features such as the border thickness/colour around your photo. They are simple to use – just open the PSD file and drag your own photo into the template. Reposition your photo layer so that it is under our template layer, and resize using the transform tool.

I’ve left two of these blank as far as text is concerned, so you can add your own text to the images or even personalize them as you see fit. Since they are sized to 5×7 inches, you can output them at your local photo print shop onto 5×7 paper, and even create personalized text for each one (give a unique one to each of your loved ones). These are the first 3 of many to come – Enjoy!

Click Here to Download


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