2009 PhotographyBB Digital Pumpkin Carving Challenge

Welcome to the 2009 PhotographyBB Digital Pumpkin Carving Challenge!pumpkin-copy

Since digital pumpkins don’t dry out, we’re going to kick this event off right now, to give you all plenty of time to experiment and challenge yourselves with this one. You are free to carve your digital pumpkin or even choose a different pumpkin if you like. You are also encouraged to change the background, change colours, and get creative in your own unique way. Submit as many pumpkins as you would like!

For those of you who use Photoshop, we have a free “Pumpkin Carving” Action available for download at: PhotographyBB Actions Page

Submissions are to be made via our forums in this thread (where you’ll also be able to download the sample pumpkin image). Grab your digital carving tools and have a blast with this one. Once again, submit as many pumpkins as you would like, and get as creative as you can!

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