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PhotographyBB Interactive Learning Center

Welcome to the latest addition to the PhotographyBB Forums, the PhotographyBB Interactive Learning Center. During the recent restructuring of our forums, we’ve created the brand new Interactive Learning Center, where members can interact to learn specific techniques, tips, and ask questions relating to their specific needs. The idea here is to provide an interactive approach to learning new techniques, as opposed to surfing the web in search of a tutorial or article.

With a new addition to the forums, we now have: The Photo Critiques Room – A place where anybody who is looking to improve their photography and/or post processing techniques can post their photos in search of constructive suggestions for improvements. Let each other know what elements were positive, and where there may be room for improvement. Honest and respectful feedback will be provided, and we’ll all learn something in the process; ultimately making us better photographers.

Another new section for our forums is the Show Me the Retouch Room – Here members will be provided with a photo (which can be submitted by any of our forum members), in which everyone is welcome to give their post processing style a whirl. Retouched versions of the image will be posted in the same thread for everyone to share their unique post processing styles, and teach each other what steps were used in their approach. Since we all have different post processing visions, this room will be a great place to pick up some new and helpful post processing tips and tricks. All retouchers must be willing to share their technique when asked, making this the ultimate post processing playground on any forum!

We’ve also included two of our existing popular sections: The “No Stupid Questions” Room – A space where members can ask any and every photography or post processing related question they have had burning inside, but may have been to shy to ask in the past. So far, it’s been a huge success, and we’re all finding out that we’ve all had the same questions on our minds. The “No Stupid Questions Room” has been educational and continues to be one of the highlights of the PhotographyBB Forums.

Additionally, you’ll also find the other existing room: Photoshop H.O.D. (Help On Demand) Room – A place where our members can ask for specific Photoshop help. In this room, topics range from creating techniques and tutorials based on your individual needs and requests, to helping you troubleshoot specific problems that our members may be experiencing. It’s all interactive, and responses are provided quickly!

New members are encouraged to participate, be it submitting their images or offering their experience in critiques. Enjoy the new Interactive Learning Center, only at PhotographyBB.

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