The Magic of Black and White

As photographers, we all have our favourite photographic disciplines. In order to grow and improve, it’s natural for us to experiment with different subject matter and break out of our creative comfort zones; afterall, it’s how we learn. The most intriguing aspect of black and white photography is that it affords us the ability to enter a whole new dimension, another place if you will. Our world, the people and places we love to photograph are beautiful in colour, but equally so in black and white. To me, black and white is the pure essence of photography – capturing light. Often, black and white photography can be vastly more challenging than capturing photos in colour, and the results are worth the effort.

Enter a brand new ebook from David duChemin’s Craft & Vision online bookstore for photographers – The Magic of Black and White -Part 1, Visionby Andrew S. Gibson. Like all of the gems at Craft & Vision, this will be the best $5 you’ve ever spent on photography – seriously. Here’s a brief description from the Craft & Vision website:

Black and white photographs are a different medium than colour and require an ability to see in monochrome. Becoming aware of the differences between black and white and colour images, in both how they are seen and what makes a great black and white image, is the first step to capturing images that will work powerfully in monochrome.

The first in a planned two-volume set, Part One discusses what makes a great black and white photograph, what to look for when learning to see in monochrome, elements of a black and white image, and potential subjects for black and white photographs. Part Two will examine the means of creating the black and white image in the digital darkroom.

This gorgeous 58 page ebook walks us through the basics of creating magical black and white images by demonstrating how black and white photos are captured differently from colour.

Readers will learn all about the elements of composition for black and white images, and techniques for placing highlights and shadows to create striking black and whites. The book discusses how to capture textures, lines, shapes and forms effectively, along with the role of negative space in certain type of black and white photos. You’ll also learn more about how light behaves in relation to how your camera captures the light, and how all this applies in the realm of black and white.

The “subjects” section breaks down the basic factors for capturing an array of subject matter in black and white; from people to landscapes, flowers to architecture – it’s all in here.

Visit the Craft & Vision website to pick up your copy of The Magic of Black and White – Part 1, Vision – by Andrew S. Gibson for only $5 and step into a whole new photographic dimension this weekend. While you are there, you may also want to check out some of the fantastic ebooks written by best-selling author, David duChemin.

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