Taking the Leap: Going to Back to School

There is a lot to be said for “self-learning”. In fact, that’s mainly what our blog and online magazine are all about. One of the great things about self-teaching is that you can learn the things that you want to learn, at the pace which you are comfortable working. The downsides are that you must be both patient and resourceful when it comes to navigating search engine results online, and your ability to ask questions and receive feedback are limited. It may also be important to receive credentials for the knowledge you have acquired, especially if you plan to use photography as a means for getting hired or working freelance. It all depends on where you sit, and thanks to the internet, there are now options for those of us who wish to take “self-learning” to a new level, and go back to school.

Going back to school sounds exciting to those of use who are currently working full-time, but usually our job demands do not afford many of us the time to go back to school. For those of you who are interested in learning more about digital photography, post-processing, the photo-business, and doing it all from home – read on!

There are some fabulous online digital photography schools out there, and among the finest is the New York Institute of Photography. Many of you may have noticed our recent involvement with NYIP in our magazine. We have chosen to work together with them because we believe they are providing our readers with a truly valuable option for going back to school, learning digital photography, and getting the necessary student/teacher interactions which provide specific and valuable feedback conducive to learning and growing as a photographer.

There are so many options out there, but the overall purpose is to help our readers to learn. Going back to school no longer means sitting in a traditional classroom and giving up the better part of your day. If you are learning photography just for fun as one of the greatest hobbies there are, or if you are planning to turn your photography into a lifestyle or even a business, then consider taking courses of any kind to learn from professionals with the knowledge and experience to truly help you improve. Join some local photography clubs, participate in photowalks (or start your own), see what options are available through institutions such as the New York Institute of Photography, and also check out some of the workshops offered by local camera shops in your area. Learning is a life-long process, and most importantly, it’s fun when it’s something you love.

For a FREE course catalog offered by the New York Institute of Photography, please visit the link below:

Get your free NYIP course catalog here!

In fact, we’d like to know where some of our experienced readers stand. Have you taken a traditional photography program or course? If so, how did it help you in your photography career?

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