Snapfish Comes Through With Quality Prints

Snapfish 1HP Snapfish prints arrive, and we’re impressed!

Recall that we sent in to HP Snapfish for the 20 FREE PRINTS at Snapfish! We just received our free prints and we were very impressed with the quality of the prints. The photos arrived in a high quality and professional envelope, which clearly did a nice job of protecting the photos in the mail. Read the rest of our story to hear our full opinion and experience with HP Snapfish.

The Packaging:

As mentioned above, the shipping envelope was a good size and weight for protecting the pictures inside, and the styling of the packaging was very professional.

Snapfish Image 2

We quickly opened the envelope to see what was inside, and were happy to see the same type of standard photo envelope that we are used to receiving when you normally develop pictures. The photos were well protected, and upon inspection we found everything to be in order, with no damage whatsoever as expected.

The Paper:

For this review, we had originally ordered the matte finish paper with no borders. The photo paper that HP Snapfish uses for their matte prints is the FujiFilm FujiColor Crystal Archive paper, which has a nice weight and does not seem to curl. The matte finish is great, and prints look high quality and natural. In the past, we’ve received prints on lesser quality papers (from other vendors), and the differences are quite noticeable. The things that really matter (paper-wise) are the weight of the print, whether or not the paper has a tendency to curl up, and the quality of the print on that particular paper.

The Quality:

Snapfish Image 3With some print services in the past, we’ve found that various papers do not always produce the sharpness that you can get with the glossy paper, but Snapfish did a nice job here. Our photos came out with clear sharpness, and vivid colours as true to the original images. We ran several tests with different (but slight) levels of grain added to the photos, to determine the accuracy of the Snapfish reproductions. In every case, we were impressed with the results. Even the slightest grain that we added came out just barely visible, which is tricky for some printers, especially on the matte papers. We should also note that the smoother images were also well produced and clean. The team at HP Snapfish was able to produce accurate prints both in terms of colour and clarity from our various edits. We sent the photos in as Adobe sRGB images, and what we received were true to screen prints. We also sent in some images in which various colours were pushed to the edge of the gamut, and Snapfish once again did as good a job as was expected.


We were quite pleased with the results from HP Snapfish. It is sometimes difficult to trust an online service especially for the first time using them. Thankfully, HP Snapfish had their 20 FREE PRINTS at Snapfish! offer, which they have also extended through march. When it comes to photo prints, the most important thing to all of us is quality. Photos are a preservation of a moment in our past, and those memories are special to all of us. It’s important to be able to put your trust in a photo developing service, and trust that you will be pleased with the prints that you receive. For these reasons, we’d like to thank HP Snapfish for not misplacing that trust, and we give them the PhotographyBB seal of approval!

Approved Image

PhotographyBB is proud to recommend HP Snapfish to our readers. Since the offer is still on, give the 20 FREE PRINTS at Snapfish! a fair try, and see how you like the service. At only 9 cents per print thereafter, this is a service we plan to use again and again, and we hope you do to.

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