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About the author

Dave Seeram is the Editor of PhotographyBB Magazine, photographer, Canucks fan, Lostie,  fanboy, Dad, blogger, entrepreneur, and part-time superhero. Dave is the owner of this blog, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the PhotographyBB Magazine and CLARITY: PHOTOGRAPHY BEYOND THE CAMERA
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  1. John Locke

    Thanks for this posting Dave. I never considered making a “real life” portfolio before and I can see how that would make a better impression as you said. Its a great tip that I will put into practice. A+ man

  2. Photoshop Tim

    Awesome article!! I agree with you there is something to be said for making the attempt at going freelance yourself. There’s so much competition out there for agency work and by going freelance, the imporatant thing is that you have total control over yourself.

  3. […] As well as having a web presence, a strong portfolio, good narrative personal projects and the determination to contact picture editors, it is also possible to be represented by a picture agency and/or an agent. Once established as a photographer it may be the case that an agency contacts you in order to represent you or you might need to be more proactive and search for an agency. Timothy Allen is represented by Axiom Picture Agency and Chloe Dewe Mathews is represented by Panos Pictures.  An agency can source your images as well as find you further work and projects from their clients who are searching for a specific style or photographer. A good article about finding an agency to represent your work can be found here. […]

  4. Thanks for the information. I have learnt a great deal from this write up.. I have not thought of a traditional portfolio cause i thought its not relevant as long as you have a website that you can refer clientele to but you made a good point there as far as presentation is concerned as people may want to have true feel of your finished work as compared to digital view found on the internet. Thanks

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