PhotographyBB Photo Assignments Challenge #2

PhotographyBB Forum Challenge

Welcome to the second round of the PhotographyBB Photo Assignments Challenge! We had several fantastic photo submissions for our first challenge, and the top 3 images will be featured in the upcoming August Issue of the PhotographyBB Online Magazine.

The theme for our second challenge is: Signs and is closing on August 10th, 2008.

Photography Assignment 2 Signs Image

The purpose of these challenges is to push our boundaries of our normal photographic comfort zones, and shoot based on an assigned theme. It’s your job to take your cameras out and photography your interpretation of our theme. It could be street signs, traffic signs, store signage, hand signs, crop circles, or anything else which you could consider to be a “sign!” As with the first challenge, the top 3 submissions who best display creativity and great photography for the given theme, will be featured in the upcoming future release of the PhotographyBB Magazine. Also, at the end of the year we’ll be looking at all the top 3 winners, and we’ll be picking one grand prize winner who will receive a cool prize from PhotographyBB! Check out the Photo Assignments room in the forums for more details.

This is the perfect weekend to take out your cameras where ever you are going, and capture all the “signs” you can. Each member can submit up to 3 photos per assignment, so have fun shooting to your heart’s content. These photo-assignment challenges are a great way to learn from each other, and inspire creative thought for your next photoshoot. Join our photo-assignment challenge today, and have fun shooting! 

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