PhotographyBB Christmas Gift Guide – Day 5

lensbaby1I bet you are all wondering what this strange looking contraption here is. If you haven’t already heard of the Lensbaby, then you’ve been missing out on one of the coolest digital photography gadgets on the market. The Lensbaby attaches onto your lens, and allows you to bend the light entering your lens, producing some wild and creative photographic effects; also known as “tilt-shift photography.”

If you know a digital photographer who has just about everything, why not surprise them with a Lensbaby this year! Lensbabies are extremely easy to use, and open up new worlds of creative opportunities for the photographer. Have a look at the Lensbaby Sample Images website for some examples of Lensbaby photography.

lensbaby2Lensbabies work with all major digital camera brands and models. They are easy to use, and open new doors of photographic possibilities without the need for digital post processing. With a Lensbaby you will be able to shoot the same subject hundreds of different ways for new and creative effects. It’s like getting a brand new camera all over again!

Head on over to the Shop PhotographyBB Lensbaby Store page and search for your camera brand or model number. Additionally, you’ll find the best pricing on Lensbabies here too. Make this holiday an extra special one, and try out a Lensbaby today.

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