Photography Assignment #7: Food

Photography Assignment FoodThe Photography Assignment Challenges are back in effect! We had a short break from the Photography Assignments, however things are rolling again, so get your cameras ready. Your latest challenge is FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!

The goal of this challenge is to come up with the most appetizing photograph of food. This challenge is wide open to anything edible, from entrees, to snacks, to candy and more! If it’s edible, it’s fair game here; but remember – the challenge is to create an appetizing photograph.

Look back over the past few issues of the PhotographyBB Online Magazine as well as the past photography assignments and keep things like composition, lighting, angles (and everything else we’ve learned thus far) in mind when shooting your most appetizing food shot.

As with all challenges, members may submit up to 3 images per challenge, and the top 3 photos will be published in the PhotographyBB Online Magazine (See the forums for rules and details). Good luck to everyone, and have a wonderful time shooting your most appetizing photo yet

Photography Assignment 7: Food, will run from now until Nov 18th, 2008.

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