Photo Assignment: Concentricity


Welcome back to your latest photo assignment. Remember, the whole purpose of these assignments is to get our members thinking outside of their regular comfort zones, which will ultimately help us all improving in all aspects of our photography (plus it’s fun!). The theme for this assignment comes from a suggestion by our good friend (and forum moderator extraordinaire!), Nobby, so many thanks for this excellent suggestion!

Your assignment theme is: Concentricity

For those of you who are thinking “Hmm… I better look this one up to be sure…” here is the definition: “Concentricity: Having a common center or center point, as of (concentric) circles or other shapes.” This assignment should prove to be challenging (which is the point!), so put your thinking caps on, grab your gear, and get to shooting! As with all of the assignments, we ask that you only submit entries which have been photographed during the assignment window (Nov 26th to Dec 10th, 2009), and you may submit up to 3 photos per assignment. The top choices by our editorial team will also be selected and published in a future issue of the PhotographyBB Online Magazine.

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Have fun, and happy photographing!

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    1. Yep! Originally I was just going to shoot the cup, which has it’s own concentric pattern. Then I noticed my place mats are also concentric, so I thought they would go together nicely!

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