Innovative Techniques for Outdoor Photography

Innovative Techniques for Outdoor Photography

Would you like to create truly stunning landscape photographs that capture the depth and complexity the scenes before you?

It takes some serious skill to capture the magnificence of the great outdoors in a single still photograph. Join us for this free online workshop on Sept. 17th and learn exactly how the pros do it with Innovative Techniques for Outdoor Photography with George Lepp.

You’ll learn about lighting, shooting, and editing high-quality images of wildlife, flowers, snowflakes, and landscapes.

This is a free online workshop on Sept. 17th, 2016. If you enjoy the workshop, you may purchase the course files to view over and over, on your own time, or you can join us for free by clicking the RSVP button following the link below to reserve your free spot.

(You can register and view the workshop on all your devices, including your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone!)

You’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve extended depth of field
  • Portray action like lighting strikes
  • Create dramatic panoramas – from start to finish
  • Shoot with macro lenses
  • Work with tele-extenders and HD video
  • Produce cinemagraphs

Additionally, George will discuss the techniques behind some of his best-known photographs, sharing the secrets behind his celebrated images from Namibia, Chile, and more.

About George Lepp

George D. Lepp is one of North America’s best-known contemporary outdoor and nature photographers. His passions for natural beauty, technical precision, cutting-edge technology, and environmental responsibility are revealed in his beautiful and compelling photographic images. He is also widely recognized for his unique dedication to sharing his photographic and biological knowledge with other photographers through his seminars, writing and inventions.



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