HP SnapFish Free Prints are Back!

We checked out this promotion the last time we heard about it, and ordered ourselves some free prints to see just how free “free” actually was. Apart from paying a very reasonable shipping fee, the prints were in fact free and excellent quality. The HP SnapFish promotion is back and running again offering 50 free prints and an additional 20% discount if you would like to order greeting cards or a photobook. Why are they doing this? Well, to be honest, they are offering you free prints (which don’t have a huge cost to them) in the hopes that you may become an HP SnapFish customer in the future, and order additional prints from them at some point in time. There are no obligations on your part, but once you receive 50 free high quality developed photos, you may just so be inclined to use their service again. Since I ordered my free prints, I’ve been back to HP SnapFish 3 times, and have been satisfied with every print.

In these tough economic times, we can all afford free photo developing! Get 50 Free Digital Camera Prints and only 9 cents per additional print at Snapfish by HP!

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