How You Can Get Your Photo Published

imgp4175There are many ways to have your work published in places like magazines, newspapers, websites, etc… Today I am going to offer you a chance to have your photo published, and give you some tips on just how you can improve your chances of being the top choice in photo contests. 

Participating in photo challenges and assignments for various photography magazines is an excellent way to “get your foot in the door.” Once you have been published a few times, you start to build a small portfolio of accomplishments for yourself. Add that to the fact that there is no greater satisfaction and confidence booster than seeing your photo in print for the first time.

Stick to the Theme!
The important thing to remember when submitting photos for assignments and contests is that you stick to the theme. More often than not, publications will run photography contests and participants will deviate from the theme of the contest, thus making them inelligable! The best way to approach an assignment is to consider the theme, and think of ways that you may photograph that theme – differently. That’s the key to winning challenges and assignments, and ultimately having your photo published.

See What Others are Doing, and Do Yours Better.
This is one of the best ways, when possible, to make your photos stand out from the crowd. When you are given a theme for a photography challenge, it’s best to think of a unique way to photograph that particular theme. If the theme is “Landscapes” you can bet there will be hundreds of photos of mountains, plains, etc… but how could you take a photo that would stand out amongst many similar images. The key is to think outside the box, while inside the theme. Think about some of the things we’ve done in our previous challenges to get your creative juices going. Things like getting creative with depth of field, shutter speeds, interesting and different angles, etc. By doing something different and making your image stand out from the crowd, you are more likely to have your image noticed.

Follow the Format!
The last piece of advice, and one of the most important, is to follow the format. Often times, contest judges and editors receive so many submissions, that going through them can be quite a lot of time and work. If there are image guidelines for size, resolution, file format, or file sizes, then you should make sure your image conforms to all of them. Guidelines are put in place to help streamline the judging process and the publishing process, so having your image thrown out over something like that is just plain silly! Following the guidelines makes it that much easier for your photo to be chosen.

Once again, we run bi-weekly contests in our forum and over at our Flickr group, giving you the opportunity to have your work published in our magazine – The PhotographyBB Online Magazine which is read by tens of thousands. Good luck with your entries, and above all – have fun with it!

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