How to Make Unique Photos From Common Vantage Points

How do we make a truly unique photograph if you’re confined to shooting from the same vantage point as everyone else? That’s a challenge that we all face when shooting landmarks, sporting events, travel photography, architecture, and a whole range of subjects. How do we avoid the trap of taking the same photo that everyone else is taking, simply because we’re stuck in the same (and sometimes the only) spot.

That’s the question Joe McNally answers in this video from AdoramaTV. Joe speaks about shooting an Olympic event where he was stuck in the same vantage point as every other photographer. Not being able to move about is one of the most limiting factors for any photographer’s creativity, but Joe found a way to overcome this by experimenting with unusual framing and capturing motion.

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The technique of capturing motion adds an incredibly dynamic component to your photograph. So the next time you’re struggling to find a unique photograph, experiment with your framing and shutter speeds to see what creative options you can come up with.

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