The Camera that Every Photographer Wants to Own

    There’s a camera out there, or rather, a type of camera that every photographer seems to have a deep connection to. This camera has no Wi-Fi, no geo-tagging, or manual functions. Heck, it doesn’t zoom, nor is it even digital! I’m talking about the Polaroid and new Polaroid-style cameras that are making a resurgence among photography lovers both young and old. There’s an intrinsic beauty in a finished photograph that you can hold in your hands. I think...
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How to Afford ALL the Photography Gear You Want

If you’re like me and most other keen photographers, you’ll be making a series of potentially expensive choices as you acquire gear to help you grow in your photographic endeavors. Most of us have made some decisions that haven’t made the best use of our money; in fact, at times we’ve just wasted it away with purchases we later come to regret. I’d like to offer some structure that may help you avoid these mistakes – the same mistakes I’ve...
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Free Photoshop Snowglobe Action from PhotographyBB

It’s never too late to turn your beautiful photographs into virtual snowglobes! With the free PhotographyBB Snowglobe Photoshop Action, you simply open any one of your photos, click play on the action, and voila – an instant snowglobe in one-click! This action works especially well with both portraits of your favourite people, Christmas/Holiday photos, or you most beautiful landscape photos. This action creates a high-res output image suitable for printing (as cards), is compatible with the current version of Photoshop...
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Now Available: CLARITY Volume Two (e-Magazine)

We are pleased to announce the release of CLARITY Volume Two: Photography Beyond the Camera. Volume Two looks deep into the hearts and minds of photographers to explore the important issues of image privacy and security, creativity, how shooting your passion translates into more compelling photographs, how YOU can make a difference in someone’s life using your photography – TODAY, and so much more. CLARITY is a bi-monthly eMagazine / eBook for photography enthusiasts that covers more than simple how-to...
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How to Make Magical Christmas Bokeh Photographs

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are going to focus on the out-of-focus (yes – pun intended!). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word, Bokeh is actually a Japanese term referring to the aesthetics regarding the areas of a photograph which are out focus. There are of course, plenty of opportunities to take out-of-focus photos year round, but the art of capturing some beautiful bokeh is perfect for this time of year with all of the...
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