The Top 5 New Features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015

Adobe just announced the release of Lightroom CC 2015, and photographers around the globe are celebrating like kids on Christmas morning! If you’re like me, you likely find yourself doing more in Lightroom and less with Photoshop. That’s about to become even more so the case. Lightroom has come a long way over the years, but today’s release brings with it some game-changing features for photographers. Our good friend Serge Ramelli has put together this video (complete with his signature...
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Finding Your Vision

Do you ever struggle with the composition of your photographs? Are you striving to create photographs that aren’t just good, or even great – but truly remarkable images? Do you sometimes feel that your vision and your results just aren’t quite lining up? If you’re one of the many photographers who share these challenges, then we’ve got a pretty awesome announcement for you. PhotographyBB is excited to announce the release of a brand new tool to help you make the...
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BOKEH: Creating With Shallow Depths

BOKEH: Creating with Shallow Depths inspires photographers to think beyond the confines of a deep depth of field. Landscape photography enthusiasts of all levels will learn how to widen their aperture to see the environment as light and shapes, and to create abstract ethereal images that have deeper meaning and interpretation. A shallow depth of field can completely transform a landscape, manipulating an environment that usually can not be changed or controlled. You can create a complex or simple photograph...
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CLARITY Volume Five Now Available!

Volume Five is our biggest release yet, including over 30 minutes of video content! In this edition we explore portrait lighting patterns using both flash and natural lighting, the role of the digital darkroom with respect to lighting decisions, and how to make amazing winter photographs while keeping your gear safe. We also have a compelling piece on one photographer’s transition from digital to film and how it can ignite an even deeper passion for the craft. Readers will also...
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Mind Over Megapixels

If you bought or received any new photography gear this Holiday Season, this is for you. Whether you’re a true beginner with a pocket sized camera, or a seasoned professional with years of experience, the 14 Secrets of Great Photography were designed to power you to the next level. Despite what the manufacturers want you to believe, creativity can’t be withdrawn from an ATM machine. Strip away all of the marketing hype, instant rebates, and sales pitch propaganda, and you...
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