Starting Your Photography Business: Fill Your Downtime

Every photographer has seasonal periods during the year when business is busy, and other times that are slow.

The best way to get through your slower season is to develop special packages specifically for these down periods, and make them incredible easy for your clients to afford. This is not to suggest a discount on your regular rates as that could have the adverse effect of devaluing the work you do for your other clients year-round who pay full price. Instead, create smaller package options that are both affordable and less time-intensive as your regular “full” package offerings. A good option is to offer alternative services than what you regularly shoot.

Another highly-lucrative way to generate additional income during seasonal down periods is to reach out to your previous clients to inquire if they need additional prints, or offer high-value bonuses with your full packages to make these seasonal downtimes more attractive to prospective clients.

Since the majority of weddings are photographed during summer months, many successful wedding photographers reach out to their newly married couples at Christmastime to offer smaller albums, canvases, or additional prints to give to parents, grandparents, or other relatives as gifts.

Even more savvy wedding photographers will strike up conversations with the wedding guests to find out the birth dates of the parents (of the bride and groom), then set a reminder to reach out to the couple before any of the parents’ birthdays to see if any additional prints would be suitable as a gift. This is another popular technique that newborn photographers use in offering birthday gift prints/albums for grandparents.

So be creative, and use those slower periods of the year to bring in revenue instead of waiting for the next busy season!

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