CLARITY Photography eBooks by PhotographyBB

CLARITY Volume Four Now Available!

CLARITY Photography eBooks by PhotographyBB


We are pleased to announce the release of CLARITY Volume Four! This edition includes a helpful guide to understanding a camera’s histogram, an in-depth look at all-flash indoor lighting setups, the focal-distance compression effect of lenses, Lightroom and Photoshop video tutorials, and more. Additionally, Volume Four includes a new feature column on smartphone photography! Beyond app recommendations, the smartphone photography column will provide insight into the technology behind smartphone optics, techniques for using your smartphone to make better photographs and boost creativity, demonstrate how some photographers earn income with their smartphone photographs, and more.

CLARITY is a bi-monthly eMagazine / eBook for photography enthusiasts that covers more than simple how-to photography techniques and processing tips. The challenge nowadays is that it’s so easy and convenient for anybody to seek out information, photography tutorials, and/or anything you know you’d like to learn. So, we’ve decided to take a different route. CLARITY is here to provide you with the equally important information that you didn’t know you needed.

CLARITY Photography eBooks by PhotographyBB

Inside This Edition:

  • Lighting Essentials: An all-flash indoor lighting setup.
  • Using elements of composition to make stronger photographs.
  • How experience crafts and molds your future creativity.
  • “Don’t Fear the Histogram”. How to achieve perfect exposures in-camera.
  • The Cloud: Professional services vs. DIY Solutions.
  • The compression effect of varying your focal length.
  • Environmental portraits: Five tips for better travel portraits.
  • Smartphone Cameras: high technology in a high-stakes game.
  • Making the shot: Getting professional results with “amateur” gear.
  • Indoor clouds: making beautiful photographs of ink clouds.
  • An in-depth look at Lightroom’s Develop module with examples.
  • Spot coloring in Lightroom, and other quick processing corrections.
  • Spot coloring and adjustment layers in Photoshop CC
  • 4 simple household-item tricks for awesome food photography.

Additionally, Volume 4 Includes:
- 4 videos
– 73 of the most beautiful eBook page spreads you’ve ever seen!
– PDF format for maximum device-compatibility

Volume Four contains articles by a stellar team of authors including Kevin Kubota, Piet Van den Eynde, Lindsay Ostrom, Sean McCormack, Chris Corradino, Bill McCarroll, Peter Dorr, Jay Livens, Lee Sacrey, Barry J. Brady, Tim Hayes, and Alan Bailward.


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Get CLARITY Volumes 1-8 for only $5.88 each! For just $47 USD, you can download the existing CLARITY Volumes 1-4 right now, and also receive our next 4 editions (Volumes 5-8) automatically delivered to you as they are released (bi-monthly). You also receive special “insider only” access to our weekly goodie bag – a special weekly email only to CLARITY subscribers giving you:

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That’s an exceptional value from some of the world’s top photography educators for only $47 USD. Let’s do this – together!


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