CLARITY: Volume 2


CLARITY: Volume 2

Volume Two explores street photography and how to photograph strangers without confrontation, how shooting your passion translates into remarkably more compelling photographs, an extremely moving interview with Jeremy Cowart – founder of Help-Portrait, how to utilize flash while traveling, a creative boudoir lighting setup with Kevin Kubota, how to build your own scrim for $20, the private information that EXIF data truly reveals about you, processing techniques in LR5 and Photoshop, and more.

CLARITY is a quarterly lifestyle photography magazine that puts the emphasis on light and composition before gear. This visually striking e-magazine provides a refreshing new direction, covering far more than the standard how-to photography techniques and processing tips. Readers learn about the stuff that really makes photographers better at their craft – topics like: developing creativity, working with light, how to make photographs that communicate, the role of the digital darkroom, and more.

Additionally, Volume Two includes:

– 7 videos
– A 43-minute podcast
– 85 GORGEOUS, page spreads
– PDF format for maximum device-compatibility

Volume Two contains articles by a stellar team of authors including Kevin Kubota, Piet Van den Eynde, Lindsay Ostrom, Sean McCormack, Chris Corradino, Dave Delnea, Bill McCarroll, Peter Dorr, Jay Livens, Lee Sacrey, Barry J. Brady, and Jon McCormack.


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