Photoshop Friday Plugins: Photo Freebies

Photo Freebies Plugins
We’re back with another installment of the free Photoshop Friday Plugins! This week, we’re taking a look at the free plugin suite brought to us by the fine folks at The Plugin Site.

Photo Freebies is a collection of plugins which allow for useful manipulations on images such as black and white conversion, sepia toning, saturation gradients, and more. Although a lot of these effects can easily be achieved in Photoshop manually, this plugin suite makes these tasks quick and easy. Best of all, Photo Freebies is compatible to both Windows and Mac, and works with a variety of applications such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, PhotoPlus, Photo-Paint, IrfanView and PhotoImpact under Windows and MacOS X. It also runs natively in Photoshop CS3 on Intel-Macs. Here’s a brief look at the features included in this package:

B/W: Turns the image into grayscale, but with a better method than the one available in Photoshop or PSP. Works like the B/W button in ColorWasher and FocalBlade. No Dialog.

Desaturation Gradient: Gradually desaturates the image in four possible directions.

Histo Fix: It fixes a chopped histogram by interpolating lost image information. You can regain 1/2 bit, 1 bit or 2 bit of image information. Works only on 8bit images.

Remove Transparency: Makes a transparent layer fully opaque. No Dialog.

Sepia: Lets you apply uniform or colored sepia effects. Includes three controls. A sepia effect of this quality isn’t that easy to achieve in Photoshop or PSP.

Luma Negative: Turns the image into a negative without changing the colors. Has a dialog with a slider.

Chroma Negative: Inverts the colors without making the image a negative. Has a dialog with a slider.

RGB2YCC and YCC2RGB: Converts the RGB channels into YCC channels without leaving RGB mode. That allows you to manipulate the YCC channels. The second plugin converts the YCC channels back to RGB. No Dialog.

RGB2HSL and HSL2RGB (Windows only): Converts the RGB channels into HSL channels without leaving RGB mode. That allows you to manipulate the HSL channels. The second plugin converts the HSL channels back to RGB. No Dialog.

When you visit the Photo Freebies Download Page, you’ll want to check the first option from the list of plugins, which contains the Photo Freebies Plugin Suite.

Click here to visit The Plugin Site and download Photo Freebies today!

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