PhotographyBB Online Magazine – 17th Edition

PhotographyBB Magazine Issue 17

VANCOUVER, CANADA – PhotographyBB announced today, the release of the 17th edition of the PhotographyBB Magazine Online. The PhotographyBB Magazine Online is a leading resource in the future of free information distribution, offering readers: Digital Photography tips and techniques, DSLR camera function training, and image post processing tutorials in Adobe® Photoshopâ„¢, and RAW processing in Photoshop Lightroomâ„¢.

The June 2009 edition features articles on photography techniques and issues facing today’s digital photographer. Readers will learn tips on composition and how keeping things simple can lead to great photography. The issue also examines how to overcome “photographer’s block” when lack of inspiration occurs. Included is also a Photoshop® tutorial on creating an urban “grunge” type effect for dramatic impact. 


Editor in Chief, Dave Seeram had these comments regarding this recent release:

“Issue 17 is all about stunning photography; from photography techniques down to our reader submissions, this month the magazine is packed with photos. Last month we launched a new column on Frequently Asked Questions, and the response has been phenomenal. Readers have emailed in some brilliant questions, and our columnist (Colin Bell) has done a superb job with the responses.

In our Photography Around the World column, photographer Ian Miller takes us to Cambodia, a place of interesting history and rich culture. We also have some tips on how you can make money with your photography, an editorial for the film purists, a look at 50mm prime lenses, and an interview with one very talented photographer!”

By way of download in either PDF or ZIP formats, PhotographyBB continues its trend through the future of free downloadable magazine distribution. In a completely ad-free format, each issue contains informative and educational tutorials for amateur and intermediate level photographers.

In addition to articles which aide photographers in getting the most from their DSLR cameras, the PhotographyBB Online Magazine also features useful and applicable tutorials on how to use post-processing tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom, to build on digital photography post-processing skills.

PhotographyBB Online Magazine is available for free download through the PhotographyBB Website at:

PhotographyBB was founded in Oct, 2006, and is a division of PowerButton Central (2004).
For more information, visit the PhotographyBB website at:

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