PhotographyBB Christmas Gift Guide – Day 2

We’re back again as promised, with day 2 of our week long series on the best Christmas gifts either for the photographer, or from the photographer. Yesterday we looked the digital keychain frames, an excellent present to receive from you the photographer. However, we haven’t forgotten that even photographers love to receive presents too!

Today, we’re going to look at two digital gifts for the busy photographer, to help you in achieving some stunning effects with ease during post processing. All digital photographers love getting new software, it’s almost as exciting as opening a brand new camera! With software, the processing doors of creativity open wide, and the possibilities become endless. The first item on the agenda is Photomatix Pro from HDRSoft.

Photomatix Pro HDR Software Photomatix Pro 3.1 is the standard and most popular imaging tool when it comes to creating brilliant HDR photos. Photomatix Pro comes as a standalone application, a Photoshop Plugin, a Lightroom Plugin, or a bundle package, for both Mac and Windows.

Best of all, if you act now, you can still use the coupon code: to receive a 15% discount. If you’ve been wanting this program for a while, now is the time to save. Photomatix Pro will come in the form of downloadable media, ready to install in minutes.

Visit HDRSoft to purchase Photomatix Pro while our discount is still in effect!

1Click Photoshop ActionsAt the top of every photographer’s Christmas list is “More Time!” As we are all busy people, it’s difficult to find the time to put into processing our images properly. If you are a busy photographer, and would like to process your images straight from the camera in one click, then tell your friends to buy you the:
1ClickActions pack for Christmas this year!

With various actions for retouching portraits, landscapes, artistic effects, wedding processing actions, image border effects, or texturizing effects, these actions will save you precious time while enhancing your images – giving them that “Wow Factor!”

Check back tomorrow as we look at the best photography books this Christmas season.

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