Debate: Surge Protection – How much is too much?

surge.jpgRecently, one of our friends and forum members had a power surge which fried not one, but two computers. Both computers had “surge protectors” on them, as I am sure most of us have on our systems. After all, when you see a power bar that offers “surge protection” it should protect against surges, shouldn’t it? Not always…

Things like this unfortunately do happen, and when they do all we can do is roll with the punches. Sadly, when you go to a retailer to buy a surge protection power bar, you are faced with a myriad of choices ranging from the $2 cheapo “surge protected” power bars, all the way up to the brands like Monster offering surge protection at prices topping $200.

One could pose the argument, “Well, if surge protection and your computer are really important, then just buy the most expensive surge protector!” But is that really necessary? We all value our computers and electronic equipment without question, but are we being confident or complacent when it comes to our own personal surge protection strategy? Personally, I have a surge protector in the $40 price range, which I am trusting will do the job should the power go crazy in my home (touch wood!), but is it actually going to work, or should I go crazy instead – and upgrade?

The question is: Surge Protection – How much is too much?

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