Are You Coming to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

Vancouver_2010I’d just like a quick show of hands as to who amongst you fine folks either live in Vancouver or plan on visiting Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Games. I am assuming those of you visiting will be doing so with camera in hand, and those of you who live here will be shooting the festivities in one form or another? Do you have tickets to any events? What are your photographic goals for shooting the games? Personally, I won’t be attending any of the events, but I do plan to take as many photos as possible of all the tourists, celebrations, and venues that this year’s games will bring to the beautiful city of Vancouver. Additionally, if there is enough interest, I’d be happy to arrange a group photowalk in Downtown Vancouver during the Olympics.

In welcoming the world to Vancouver, many free and “street” events have been planned which are sure to show off both the spirit of Vancouver as well as the Olympic Games. One brilliant place to check out will be the Robson Square Outdoor (undercover) ice rink where you can skate below Robson Street while looking up at Vancouver’s Art Gallery or night sky. There’s also the 14 meter tall Olympic Rings in Coal Harbour which will serve as a stunning visual showpiece to mark the Games.

So the question of the day is, will you be in Vancouver for the Olympics, and if so, how will you be capturing your experience of the games?


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Dave Seeram is the Editor of PhotographyBB Magazine, photographer, Canucks fan, Lostie,  fanboy, Dad, blogger, entrepreneur, and part-time superhero. Dave is the owner of this blog, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the PhotographyBB Magazine and CLARITY: PHOTOGRAPHY BEYOND THE CAMERA
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  1. Hi Dave. Been following your blog and books for a while, but this is my first time commenting.

    I’ll be coming from Ottawa for the second week of the Olympics. I’m meeting and sharing accommodations with some friends who are driving up from California (originally from southern Ontario). We have tickets for some curling quarterfinals, and the women’s gold medal hockey game.

    It’s been a long time since I was last in Vancouver (>10yrs). I’m definitely interested in a photowalk if one is organized during the second week.


  2. I’m flying in from Hamilton, Ontario… Staying for a week.. tickets to a few events including Men’s Gold Medal Hockey, Closing Ceremonies and others!

    My goal is to capture this event as an amazing moment in my life. As well to share this event with my wife since she is not able to attend…

    I would be up for a photowalk if I can fit it in my schedule. I arrive on the 24th…

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