Starting Your Photography Business: Tip – Determine Your Pricing

There are several pricing models for professional photographers, with the main three options primarily being: discount, market average, and premium. When starting or growing your photography business, it’s a good idea to consider your pricing structure early, to see if there are opportunities for either starting or moving up the ladder into a higher price range in the future. A common belief for many new professionals is that they must start in the discount price range to build a clientele....
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Photography Business and Marketing 2017

If you’re one of the many photography enthusiasts or professionals who have committed to making 2017 the year to start or grow your photography business, then today is the day to say hello to your future. The 5DayDeal Complete Photography Business and Marketing Bundle 2017 event is on now. For 5 days only, you can download this all-new, once-in-a-lifetime bundle of industry-leading training and resources to help you start or grow your photography career. It’s on now and ends on...
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Take Instantly Better Photos by Doing This One Thing

As photographers, we all know that composition of your photos is important. I’m going to venture out and courageously say that composition is probably the single most important factor involved in creating a great photo. For new photographers, learning camera functions and SLR photography is naturally top of mind (and it is important), but we need to also remember that composition is always king. One of the things I notice about learning photographers is something that I was guilty of...
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Free $10,000+ Photography Giveaway from 5DayDeal

It’s that time of year again folks! We’re gearing up for the second annual 5DayDeal Photography Business & Marketing Bundle, so that means that our amazing friends over at 5DayDeal are giving away the farm once again. Being a freelance photographer is expensive, so what better way to save a few bucks than to win a prize! This time, you could win a Canon camera, 13″ Macbook Pro, a DJI Drone, laptop/camera bags, software, among many other awesome prizes. In...
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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Photography Business (without spending a dime)

Sharing your photographs with the world is one thing, asking for money is another. This free online workshop will fill you with fresh industry insights, proven tactics, and killer resources to help you make money doing what you love. This free 1-hour presentation and Q&A will be led by photography business and marketing consultant, Corwin Hiebert, who will give photographers action-oriented steps on pricing your work, promoting your talent, plus how to find (and keep) clients. This webinar will fill...
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FREE: Realistic Skin Smoothing Photoshop Action

Photoshop skin retouching – the good, the bad, and the downright scary! One of the most challenging aspects of retouching portraits is maintaining a natural appearance when retouching skin. It’s easy to blur skin, but that looks far from natural. I’ve even seen some methods of blurring out the skin to smooth it, and then creating a faux texture to add over top of the blurred skin! The secret to successful skin softening in Photoshop is to blend any uneven...
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CLARITY Volume Six Now Available!

In CLARITY Volume Six, Kevin Kubota demonstrates how to mix flash with natural light outdoors to create dramatic portraits – including a video on the lighting setup and the shoot. Additionally, world-renowned photography educator, Cheryl Machat Dorskind, joins the PhotographyBB team to kick off a brand new series on Color Theory for Photographers. Learn 7 key tips for better long exposure photographs, post-processing tutorials, a photographer’s guide to 10 tips for a happy life and prosperous (photography) career, and much...
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PhotographyBB Magazine is Back

UPDATE: The archives are stable and will remain open until further notice. Let the download party begin! By (extremely) popular demand, we’re re-opening access to the PhotographyBB Online Magazine archives – but – we’re only granting access for the next 3 days. Why such a small window? Last time we did this a year ago, the download party was too big for our room (server), and wound up bringing down the whole house (website)! PhotographyBB Magazine published 54 monthly editions...
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