Photo Assignment 5: Reflected

Our photo assignment themes are all about helping photographers to improve their craft and broaden their creative scope. By participating in these assignments, you will gain experience in practicing photography “rules”, composition, camera techniques, and many other creative exercises specifically designed to help you see differently. Break our of your own creative shells, and let’s have some fun!

Your Photography Assignment:

Assignment #5 Theme: Reflected
Timeframe: Mar 7th to Mar 25th, 2013
Entries are to be submitted here: Assignment #5: Reflected (PhotographyBB Community)

The challenge is to take a BRAND NEW representing the given theme.

About This Assignment…

This is one assignment theme that I always enjoy attempting on ANY shoot. Reflections are a completely different animal when making photographs because many of the typical compositional rules, and even things like focus and metering, get thrown out the metaphorical window. Shooting reflections truly forces you to look in places you may never have otherwise looked for inspiration, and makes you far more alert to the opportunities surrounding you.

Some tips to keep in mind for this assignment:

  1. Not all reflections come from flat glossy surfaces. Explore reflections from curved or odd-shaped reflective materials to see what you can come up with.
  2. Try being aware of not only the reflected “scene” that you are shooting, but also the texture underneath your reflective material (puddles on tiled surfaces or rugged pavement make for interesting depth-elements).
  3. Shooting reflections off of windows or glass-framed artwork provide can provide an opportunity for a juxtaposition between the reflected and the pass-through scenes. Have fun with this one, and happy photographing!

Important (Please Read): With all of our photo assignments, the object (besides having fun) is to learn something new, even if that means learning how to see the world around you in a different way. Therefore, we only accept entries for new photos which have been taken during the assignment time frame (see above). You may submit up to 3 entries in total.

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